Wanasah is bridging the gap between mental health and

Our Vision

Safe and inclusive communities where Black Youth with mental health concerns live with dignity and a sense of purpose.

Black Centric

All programs are developed through a trauma informed, Black centric, identity and ethnicity specific lens.


Inclusive services recognize the rights of all individuals to mutual respect and acceptance without any biases.


Wanasah considers our spiritual, emotional, social and mental factors, not only the diagnosis and symptoms.

Culturally Safe

Culturally safe services support individuals in drawing strength from their own identity and community.

Why We're Needed

We all need help, but we don’t always feel welcome. If we feel welcome we will come and we feel welcome here.

Wanasah Community Member

Sometimes it feels like "they" think we are used to all this pain... that we don't hurt because a black youth getting shot is normal to us.

Wanasah Youth

We come from civil war to another war here. We learned the language, the lifestyle. Now we learn about the war here. I can't sleep comfortably at night.

Wanasah Community Member

Regent Park has so much trauma, we are truly broken. You feel this calm in you heart when you speak to someone who gets it.

Regent Park Resident

You can’t do mainstream work for people that mainstream doesn’t see.

Regent Park Resident


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